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STAR Project


STAR is an EC co-funded project that aims at preventing radical behaviour among youngsters by reinforcing sports organisations capability and promoting sport within youngsters living in peripheral areas CUS Torino is the project beneficiary and it is supported by LINKS Foundation for the research, monitoring and evaluation part. Also, several European organizations operating in the field of sport and training have expressed their interest in the project and they participate in some activities.
Firstly, STAR will focus on developing a structured syllabus* on sport and radicalization, creating also the premise for international networking development.
The second phase of the project will concern the development of capacity building** section addressed to sport operators, by International School and peer-to-peer trainings*** carried out in different European countries.
Finally, a pilot will be implemented in Turin aiming at promoting sport within youngsters and testing coaches in institutional courses carried out by CUS Torino.
The International School together with the scaling-up actions will allow firstly the transferability and replicability of pilot actions in the other EU countries and secondly the opportunity to apply the tested methodology within other areas at-risk. This will be possible thanks to the creation of professionals able to transfer their knowledge to colleagues and the availability of a local net of bodies able to implement inclusive sport actions.

The European Commission in 2021 assigned a monetary contribution of 70,000 € to Project Star

Key Words

A syllabus is a course-planning tool helping the instructor to prepare and organize the course, by describing the course tool. It describes the course goals; explains the course structure and assignments, exams, review sessions, and other activities which required for students to learn the material


Capacity building (or capacity development) is the process by which individuals and organizations obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, and other resources needed to do their jobs competently.


Peer to peer students: Students teaching is a way to transfer skills from knowledgeable and experienced team members to others who are less skilled

P2P Trainings

Project Timeline

Kick off Meeting
The kick off meeting, which will be held in Turin, on Monday 9th March 2020, it starts at 11.30 and finishes at 12.30. The location is CUS Torino - via Braccini 1. 10129 Turin. Participation to the meeting is free of charge, but you should register before 5 March with a registration form that you can find following
Capacity Building
Capacity Building
Pilot in Turin
  • Promotion in schools
  • Local promotion
Pilot in Turin
International networking
  • Networking at EU Level
  • Strategy development & action plan
International networking
Final Meeting


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